Our Gardens

At Arila Gardens, we are blessed with a unique patchwork of soil types that support our vines, each contributing unique character and expression into their produce.

Within the gardens, you’ll find a mix of Shiraz and Grenache plantings of various ages and clones which further builds the complexity and interest in the resultant wines. Our vines have been established on their own roots with dry growing principles, providing expansive root structures and a natural balance.

Sand Garden

The sand that runs through our property is unique to the Moppa region of the Barossa. In sections the sand can even appear pink in colour due to the iron deposits throughout.

There are two separate gardens of Shiraz which are rich in sand at Arila Gardens, the first planted in 1989 and the second planted in 2006 – both with the traditional 1654 clone. Our 1900 planting Grenache is also found in the sandy sections, perfectly suited to this variety.

For all varietals, the wines produced from these sandy sections are more fragrant and open in their youth with slightly redder, brighter fruit characters than the rest of the vineyard and silky long fine subtle tannin structures.

Interestingly, we find that this fruit retains higher natural acidity than the other soil types which brightens, lifts and extends the palate. The wines have an intensity of fruit flavour yet with a lightness or buoyancy, making them imminently drinkable and enticing.

Old vines - a dream come true
Quartz Garden- Arila Gardens

Quartz Garden

We have two different sections of Shiraz with significant quartz deposits throughout their soils. Firstly, the 1940’s planted Shiraz vines, immediately in front of the old cottage were sourced from neighbouring old vine material. Adjacent to this is the 2002 Shiraz of 1125 clone that sits in front of the dam.

The wines made from these quartz rich soils are dark crimson in colour with intense blue, black fruits and heightened notes of dark chocolate. On the palate they are rich and opulent with layered plush tannins with depth and generosity. The wines are fuller bodied and darker in fruit profile to the sand gardens but not nearly as black or structural as the ironstone gardens expression.

Ironstone Garden

To the west of our property the sand starts to recess, and the rich ironstone sections of soil immerge. Significant chunks of ironstone like those used to build the old cottage are found here amongst smaller shattered pieces.

Here we have a young block of Grenache consisting of vines sourced from old Heritage clones planted in 2016. Further west is Shiraz of predominantly 1654 clone planted in 2011 and 2016.

The vines here are naturally low yielding with tiny berries and super intense flavours. Wines produced are black and brooding, slowly uncoiling to show licorice, tar, black fruits and mineral notes. In the mouth they are intense, dense and layered with tannin depth and length. Flavours keep emerging and persist on the palate long after the wine is savoured.

Ironstone Garden - Arila Gardens

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