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“We as the family behind Arila Gardens are driven to honour, preserve and showcase the coveted fruit grown in our Moppa gardens” – Adam Clay, Winemaker.

The Clay Family of Arila Gardens


It had been something that respected winemaking couple, Adam and Marie Clay had spoken and dreamt about many times. Since their early years of studying Oenolgy at the University of Adelaide they were driven to make their own wine, but felt it was out of reach.

Then, stepping forward to 2018, nearly 20 years after their graduations – they found the perfect vineyards at the perfect time.


In beginning this chapter, it was vital for all members of the family to show their deep respect for the land and encompass the full history from where it came.

This led us first of all to choose the name Arila, which is an Aboriginal word for ‘sand, land and earth’. Thus, honouring the original owners of the land, as well as the mix of sand, ironstone and quartz that the roots of these ancient vines reach deep into.

Arila Gardens - old vines - vineyard sustainability
Old vines - a dream come true


For almost two decades now, Adam Clay has been intent on tasting the best the world’s wine regions have to offer and has held an unwavering focus on crafting the highest quality wines.

Adam had his first experience of South Australia’s winegrowing regions in childhood, growing up in the Riverland and Adelaide Hills. Yet interestingly, the doorway to winemaking didn’t reveal itself until he had graduated with Honours in Biotechnology, and began his PhD in grapevine disease resistance.


We are driven to make unique wines of the highest quality that capture the essence of our vineyard and region with a focus on sustainability.

The health of the environment within and around our vineyard is paramount to us and we strive to continue to improve its condition so that it can be enjoyed for many decades to come.

Our approach in the winery is to showcase the variety and regional characteristics of the fruit that we are privileged to work with.

Birds Barossa Valley
Old vines - a dream come true


At Arila Gardens, we are blessed with a unique patchwork of soil types that support our vines, each contributing unique character and expression into their produce.

Within the gardens, you’ll find a mix of Shiraz and Grenache plantings of various ages and clones which further builds the complexity and interest in the resultant wines. Our vines have been established on their own roots with dry growing principles, providing expansive root structures and a natural balance.

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